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Dark Star Orchestra • Taft Theater • Cincinnati, OH • 2016-02-26

Dark Star Orchestra rolled into Cincinnati Friday night, providing an enthusiastic audience with their version of fireworks, calliopes and clowns. And yes, everybody was dancing. 
DSO, known to recreate Grateful Dead shows in their entirety selected 10-31-83 this night. The show was originally played at the Marin County Veterans Auditorium in San Rafael, CA.

We got off to a slow start, but by mid-first set we picked up considerable speed with a crisp Brown Eyed Women and a raucous Lost Sailor > Saint of Circumstance. Deal closing out the first set saw Jeff Mattson step to the front of the stage and absolutely crush the closing jam.

The second set kicked off with a very fun Help > Slip > Frank and didn't let up. Followed by the punchy powerhouse of Estimated > Eyes, everyone in attendance was locked in. Drums saw Cincinnati's own Jason Smart join Dino and Rob on percussion. It's always fun to get tribal in a beautiful theater and the Taft didn't disappoint. Drums gave way to Space and then to the the final rocking trio of St. Stephen, Throwing Stones, and Not Fade Away. Encore of Revolution and filler of Werewolves of London (nod to the Halloween show) closed out a very entertaining evening.

Andrea Cefalo & David Kisor"Ancient News" CD Release live @ Urban Artifact 2016-02-22

Ancient News is the singer/songwriter duo of Andrea Cefalo and David Kisor. Folk, Country, Blues and Jazz elements combine to support original lyrics with layered vocal harmonies. And last night's show was a cool breeze of all those elements. The listening room at Urban Artifact was full on Monday night and everyone in attendance was grinning ear to ear. The audience danced, engaged in call and response, and happily tossed dollar bills in a red box being passed around in lieu of a cover charge. Plenty in attendance also scooped up the new release from Ancient News. For more information and to pick up your copy of  "I Come Into This World" check out their website.

Andrea Cefalo- lead vocals
David Kisor- vocals and keys
Kelsey Mira- backup vocals
Don Aren- bass
Brad Myers- guitar
Garin Webb- saxophone
John Zappa- trumpet
Michael Mavridoglou- trumpet
Paul Patterson- violin, banjo, mandolin, cello
Jason Smart- drums/percussion
John Lang- pedal steel
Johnny Rusza- flutes
Andy Mohler- saxophone
Om Srivastava- tabla